Re: Umzug - Container shipment to Canada?

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Abgeschickt von Kevin am 30 Mai, 2002 um 07:07:52:

Antwort auf: Re: Umzug - Container shipment to Canada? von Herbert Boxhorn am 29 Mai, 2002 um 11:05:47:

You probably heard this one before:
Don't just look for the cheapest. Look for value.

: Hi Norma,

: you can try the following Company:


: to ask about the transport.

: Herbert

: : Hi, can anyone tell me their experiences with regard to the costs of container ocean shipments from Germany to B.C.? What is the cheapest option, cheapest company in your opinion? How large the containers are -we don't have a lot of stuff - if possible, does anyone want to share a container bound for B.C.?


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