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Employment, earnings and hours
February 2003 (preliminary)
Average weekly earnings for all employees in February were estimated at $687.37, virtually unchanged from January ($686.46).

February's earnings level represents a 1.7% increase from February 2002. Education (+6.1%), finance and insurance (+5.2%), public administration (+3.1%) and manufacturing (+2.5%) were among the sectors showing the strongest year-over-year growth.

Average hourly earnings for hourly paid employees edged down 0.5% to $16.89 in February. Their average number of paid hours, meanwhile, was unchanged at 32.1 hours.

Total payroll employment was virtually unchanged in February. There was a substantial increase in manufacturing (+13,800), mostly because of returns from layoffs, but this gain was offset by employment losses in other industries, especially accommodation and food (-9,800).

By province, monthly job growth for February was weakest in Ontario (-5,400). Quebec recorded the largest increase (+10,400), followed by British Columbia (+6,600).

Note: With the January 2003 release, revisions were made to some of the Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours data series for the period from January 1991 to December 2002. To enquire about these revisions, contact Jamie Brunet (613-951-6684; fax: 613-951-4087; or Robert Frindt (613-951-4069;


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