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Abgeschickt von Tobias am 18 September, 2003 um 23:17:34

OTTAWA, September 18, 2003 -- The Honourable Denis Coderre, Minister
of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, today announced an important
decision and recommendation pertaining to the Immigration and Refugee
Protection Act (IRPA). The Minister announced an adjustment to the
pass mark for federal skilled worker applicants. Also, today he
proposed new measures for assessing certain economic class applicants
who applied under the former Immigration Act but were affected by
transitional measures following implementation of IRPA on June 28,

The Minister's move to adjust the pass mark is a response to Canada's
need for skilled workers. Effective immediately, all new skilled
worker applicants and those currently in the system who have not yet
received a selection decision, will be assessed with a pass mark of
67. (Since the implementation of IRPA and until today, the pass mark
was 75.)

"An important objective of IRPA was to create a system that is
flexible," said the Minister. "Today's changes to IRPA reflect this
flexibility and our ongoing commitment to listen to the views of all
stakeholders. We are responding to current circumstances in a way that
continues to encourage skilled immigration within the confines of
existing resources and a balanced plan."

Additionally, the Minister is proposing to amend the IRP transition
regulations to allow for all skilled worker and business immigration
applicants who applied before January 01, 2002 to be assessed under
the selection criteria of the former Immigration Act. Applicants who
do not qualify under the former Act would then be assessed under the
current IRPA.

"The government's clear intention has always been to treat applicants
fairly," explained the Minister. "That is why we introduced and then
extended transition measures. The court has suggested that more is
required of the government. I have listened to that message. That is
why I am proposing these changes today."

The Minister plans to consult his Cabinet colleagues on the proposed
regulatory amendments at the first available opportunity. The new pass
mark takes effect immediately.


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