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Abgeschickt von Dixon T.Nmah am 24 Maerz, 2004 um 13:13:46

Antwort auf: Re: Container und ...... von ruby am 09 Maerz, 2004 um 20:06:55:

: : Rear one,: : agree with Maxi.
From own recommendation I can say that it is worth itself to
inquire calmly before the Haustuere with forwarding businesses.
I sent everything away only on pallets pack to let and. By
ship it continued to go then to Toronto and then by Truck to Calgary.:
: I personally think that a container is worthwhile itself
only if one has e.g. furniture thereby. If everything goes into
cardboards, then one knows a quantity saving with Palettenbepackung:
: As said @ however, one knows the container, thus one it
bought also into the own garden to place. That sets however out,
one has its own property with large garden: : WAD max:
: : Rear Ted: : : I already wrote
further above that I am started from the proximity of Munich....:
: : The Sped. those means removal made in the Ruhr
district will not surely act: : : But let you simply
from different Sped.`s offers make: : : Maxi


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