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Abgeschickt von Dixon T.Nmah am 24 Maerz, 2004 um 13:27:17:

Antwort auf: Neues Kanada Forum von Ingolf am 07 Februar, 2004 um 03:20:33:

: After long work the new forum OF Canada News is now
on-line. This forum is closed therefore. Old contributions
CAN quietly lakes, but written NO new articles more: For the
sake OF clarity incoming goods divided the forum into three parts:
The German LANGUAGE travel forum for everything approximately
around the topic Canada vacation, which English LANGUAGE travel forum
ton the contact with Canadian of enterprises for vacation planning, as
wave as the emigrant forum for all emigrants or those, who it tons
quietly become tons of want: The new forum offers each quantity
OF new possibilities, which makes the use simple and more comfortable.
Around to abuse OF the forum ton prevent visitors CAN READ all
contributions, however tons of thesis emergency to who and/or new
topics begin. Each active participant into the forum must
registers itself before. With the registration each participant
recognizes the conditions OF the forum on: Incoming goods want
strictly control the adherence ton of thesis of rules in order ton
create for all participants A pleasant forum surrounding field.
Participant, those against thesis of rules ton offended excluded
from the forum: A word OF the warning ton all: Incoming
goods want by along NO criminal offences in our forum! Incoming
goods want bring each criminal offence tons the announcement and want
supply the prosecution authorities with all necessary information,
which is necessary for the seizure OF the authors: Actually it
harms that so A warning is RK all necessary. Unfortunately of
forum of acres more however often used by zwielichtigen shapes:
Incoming goods decided ton arrange the forum in two LANGUAGES.
Depending upon the Irish contributions CAN gepostet in German or
English LANGUAGE forum. This of makes possible ton ensure US the
contact with English speaking participants, which is often necessary,
in order emergency ton only limited tons of German LANGUAGE approach
places. The forum LANGUAGE (for the menu guidance, etc..) CAN
selected with the registration freely. Guests CAN CHANGE the
LANGUAGE of over ton the homepage: Enough the Vorrede, incoming
goods wish much fun in new Canada forum ton all Canada friends OF
Canada News.: Ingolf: Canada News


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