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Abgeschickt von hathal am 14 Dezember, 2004 um 02:55:26

Antwort auf: Re: i need marry von amr am 19 Oktober, 2003 um 03:10:40:

: : : funny, funny, when man liest maxims post in englisch, translated von babelfish.

: : : maybe so:

: : : Hello Barbara Again an answer?diesmal somewhat longer First walked is the marriage? if you marry your man into de last it approximately three months to all papers correct are and it marry can? go to the register office and saying to you exactly which to be done is and why it lasts so for a long time. Into approx. it can go possibly faster, if you have all papers thereby. If your man should be at present in approx., then he can come for one short vacation to de, if the register office of ok says and marries it. Afterwards it can immediately place a request for sponsoring in family class? you make immediately your medicine test and in approximately 10 months or less have you yours permanet residence visas? you land thereby in approx. can you from the first day on work, if you have working premises. It places the request in approx. and you places your request in Berlin? that is clearly the fastest away (at present) The request can fill out and after the wedding mail you immediately already before? to the bureaucratic regulations of the Canadians pay attention! If you at present already are however in approx., on the basis one work exchange program, then you can remain further in approx.? there marry and should your request however nevertheless outside approx.? thus Berlin? place. But, it of cic also examined whether your man at all a family member sponsern may? if, NO problem, if no, then also a marriage does not use anything. Work should the exchange program run out, then kanst you into approx. a request to place, in order to be allowed to remain as a tourist in approx.? not always so simply in your situation and according to the newest bureaucratic regulations still less. You could naturally place as a married woman a request for PRV of within Canada? that lasts at present for a very long time. In order work to be allowed? as a wife? you need first a permission a work permit!!!! request to be allowed? takes months? then you have to place a request for a work permit, take again months!!! Then you place still another request of within Canada for PRV and last more than one year. or someone has from would list better experiences made????? if you get stress with your man in the meantime? see examples in this lsite? then you are de on the best away back after. If you however with a PRV (from Berlin) in approx. land and then give it to stress? NO problem, anybody cannot drive you out then from Canada!!!! You see, it go around it absolutely all possibilities considering and not only: how can I live together possible fast with my present life partner in approx. and work for me and him? Consider please: the Canadians are absolute buerokraten in these fell? is itself because of it many to visas on these away erschwindeln want? (this does not state refers to you) Ask again? give please however some further information, because nobody is lightrather Bonne chance Maxim HP? in the book ON TO CANADA this is in detail represented to information: www.kanada

: : thank 4 ur help


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