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Abgeschickt von priya am 10 Juni, 2005 um 20:22:55

Antwort auf: Re: Top 10 Prepaid Phone Cards! - von helper1 am 28 Mai, 2005 um 18:28:35:

I have found a great new website which lets you compare all the deals on cellphones and their plans -

They have got T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, Alltel, Nextel, Sprint, Verizon, Liberty, Opex and Venture, so you won't have to go to any other website to compare prices. And they beat websites like amazon hands down in terms of the overall as well as initial down-payment costs.

That means all you have to do is fill in the rebate forms for your cash back !

Its just awesome. Thought I would share. We just signed up. Found the best deal on T-mobile phone plus plan on this website.


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