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Our company is dedicated to provide international long distance
phone card services via <a href="">phone prepaid cards</a>
with crisp, clear connections and automatic search. Our International phone prepaid
cards offer the <a href="">lowest rates</a>
for calling to international destinations, which provide more minutes than ever
before with no or low connection fees. To learn more about our prepaid long distance
services, please give us a call (toll free 1-888-351-9857) or visit our site.
We offer phone prepaid cards to allow you to <a href="">make
calls to more than 240 countries</a> and territories worldwide. <a href="">Our
rates are among the best on the market.</a> You save up to 80% on your phone bill!
At present moment we offer two prepaid calling cards to allow you to make cheap
calls to Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Pick
the best international calling card for your calling style. <a href="">Get
USA Calling Card</a> if you prefer low connection rates and no connection charge.
Opting for a no connection fee card is usually a better choice for shorter, more
frequent phone calls to a certain destination. Order <a href="">Green
Calling Card</a> if you choose low connection fee and even lower calling rates.
These cards offer more minutes and are better for longer conversations. You may
<a href="">use our phone cards anywhere</a>:
from your cellular and home landline phone, from job or public payphone.
USA Calling Card</p>
<p>- Pay 20 dollars and talk 500+ mins within USA!<br>
- NO connection fee and monthly fee is just $0.25!<br>
- NO more additional fees are applied!<br>
- Calling cards can be used 24x7 a week.1 minute billing increment, no minimum
connection time.<br>
- One toll free access number from any phone in the United States.<br>
- Cards can be used for multiple phone calls to any and all of available countries.<br>
- Cards will expire only in 9 months after purchase.<br>
- Recharge your card and use it for unlimited time!<br>
- Crystal-clear connections, no Internet calls!<br>
- English and Russian customer support.<br>
- Money back guarantee - no questions asked.</p>
<p>Green Calling Card</p>
<p>- Lowest rates for regular and mobile phone calls to Europe, Russia, Canada,
Israel, Australia and Japan!<br>
- There is a small $0.25 monthly maintenance fee. The connection fee is only
29 cents per call. No usage limits, <br>
no sign-up fees. No hidden costs!<br>
- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rounding: 1 min.<br>
- Toll free access. Cards are universal and can be used for calls to any and
all of available countries.<br>
- Expiration: 9 months. Cards are rechargeable. The minimum is $60 to add to
your calling card. <br>
- Crystal-clear connections, no Internet telephony pc-to-phone calls! Experienced
customer service.<br>
- Money back guarantee! A prompt replacement of the card(s), a full or partial
refund will be made.</p>
Whatever company you use for long distance calls there is a risk that prices
can go higher without notice and without your acknowledge. When you get your
bill it may be too late to argue. Using our prepaid service your risk is limited,
so you can manage your expenses. Prepaid means no surprise charges, no sudden
long distance bills, and no hidden fees. It helps you budget your long distance
cost. We disclose all fees and taxes upfront. Besides, prepaid calling cards
can be used not only from your home, but also from any telephone, even from
a pay phone. The third reason is an ability to pick up a calling card with the
best rates for the countries you call to. We at Phone Card Company offer the
best deals on prepaid phone cards for domestic and international use.You may
ensure that we have very favourable rate on calls to the most countries, just
see our calling rates list. Our cards are not the cards you buy in stores, at
gas stations or vending machines. If for any reason you want you money back,
you call us and give us your card number. We will verify the balance, suspend
the card and issue a full or partial refund.</p>
<p>Visit our site <a href=""></a>
for more details.<br>


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