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Abgeschickt von Viktor am 03 August, 2007 um 19:07:37

Antwort auf: NUR NICHT NACH KANADA von Ziggy am 22 November, 2006 um 18:03:40:

Before You Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa

I applied for a Canadian visa on April 22, 2002, via a travel agency GTS in České Budejovice, the Czech Republic.

My passport was sent back on May 10th with some refusal stamp. Nobody was able to tell me what it means. There was also a telephone number where I should arrange a meeting with an immigration clerk. When I phoned there, there was a reception of the Canadian Embassy and they told me they do not arrange anything via a telephone call and I was switched to an answering machine. There some information was given which do not relate to the arranging of the meeting.

On May 13, 2002, I sent a fax to the Embassy. It was an application to announce possible term of the interview. On May 14th I sent the same application by e-mail.

On May 15th I was sent an e-mail announcing that the Embassy did not give dates of interview and that I should visit the Embassy from Mondays to Thursdays from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm and that I can choose the time in this range of time.

On May 16th I cleared a non-paid time-off at work for a date which was the best for my employer and for my colleagues sto that they would have to work in my place as little as possible. On May 16th they send me a fax with the date of the interview on May 22nd at 3:30 /comparing with an e-mail mentioned above, this is after the working hours in the Embassy /.
I had to change the date of my time-off at work which caused me trouble and what is not fair to my colleagues and to my school head.

On May 22th I had an interview at the Embassy. With consideration of an e-mail cited above, I came to the Embassy already before the working hours to be sure I will be interviewed.
However I was told I could be interviewed only during the term settled. If I had followed an e-mail form the Embassy, I would go to the capital in vain and I would lost one day by senseless travelling. So they let me waiting for more than two hours in front of the gate.
Then, in spite of the fact that I was invited for the reason that I “have not satisfied the visa officer that I have sufficient ties to my country of residence or that my level of establishment here is such that this would ensure my return and that I would be willing or able to return to my country of residence after I visit to Canada”, I was asked mostly about my coffers which were, in opinion of the Embassy, unsufficient, althouth, according to an enclosed letter when I had been given my passport back, they were seemed as no problem.

I was prepared for all the contingencies, and so I could prove my ownership of about 5,000 Canadian dollars. I guess that this sum is a sufficient financial guarantee for a 14-day stay
in Canada. I had paid for 50% of the price for an accommodation in advance and the Embassy had been informed about this already when I had applied for avisa.

After this interview they kept my passport at the Embassy and in spite of the fact that they promised me its return by two working days, I got it after a week with a refusal of my application.

When I asked a hotel Victorias Mansion Guest House, 68 Cloucester St., Toronto, ON M4Y 1L5, e-mail: for returning my advance payment paid for accommodation, which is one of conditions for getting a visa, and I sustained this by non granting a visa, I was told, that the hotel was not a savings bank and they were not interested in my problems and that they wouldn‘t give my advance payment back to me.

The Embassy has not even formally answered my e-mail with my request for help, through this day.

Some facts about me:
I am a graduate from university, I have been a teacher working at the same school for fourteen years, and my employment is valid also for at least next school year, because it is not limited in time. I have never been unemployed even a day in my life. I have been living on my own since age of 19 and I have neve had a need or interest to beg for anything from anybody.
I come from a well ordered doctor and teacher family. I have travelled through substantial parts of Europe as well as the USA and South Africa without any, even the smallest, problems. I was given a valid, already my second, a 10-year visa into the USA eight months ago without any problems. And in case that they could not argue that there many Czech Gypsies asking for an asylum into Canada in last years, I can add, that my rasa is white.

I can make good every fact mentioned above.

Canada is the only state where I am evidently regarded as a subhuman being and a dairycow.
If I am not good enough for this country, I will manage with it. But I do not know why I should resign to the fact, that I became a non-voluntary sponsor and that they deprived me of my salary for more than one month of work.

I have been fed up with Canada for ever and I don‘t want to have anything common with it even in future.

Viktor Pondelik,
J. Bendy 9
CZ-370 05 České Budejovice.
Czech Republic
European Union

PS: So I have already been to the South Africa in July, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, and in July and August, 2002 in the USA, for the second time. I haven‘t had any, even the smallest, problems there with anybody and we regard each another as civilized people. Of course, I returned home from the staying there and I keep my memories.


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